Centre for Naga Tribal Language Studies

The Centre for Naga Tribal Language Studies (CNTLS) was established in the year 2016. The core emphasis of the Centre is the study of Naga tribal communities: their culture, tradition, folklore and languages as it was, and is. Towards this end, the Centre aims to collect, explore and promote all these aspects through the lens of academic enquiry. The centre also has a vision to endeavor comparative study of Naga tribal languages with a view to map their similarities, diversity and cognate relationship. It also envisions promoting research collaboration with local, national and global institutions with the objective of invigorating and promoting Naga tribal languages and culture on a wider scale. The Centreaims to become a nodal Centre that solely focuses on Naga tribal languages and culture, located in North-East India and its neighboring regions. At present, the centre is offering a one-year course - Post Graduate Diploma in Naga Languages and Cultural Studies. Since its inception, the centre has been engaged in various seminars and workshops to create awareness and stimulate discourse in Naga languages and culture.

The centre is looking forward to introduce M.Phil and Ph.D courses in various aspects of language and culture in the near future.

Courses Offered:Post Graduate Diploma in Naga Languages and Cultural Studies (1 Year)

Projects:Dictionary Project on English to Lotha and English to Konyak


  • Documentation of all Naga languages in all the possible aspects.
  • To create a Data base of all the Naga languages.
  • To map the similarities, diversity and cognate relationship of Naga languages.
  • To document the oral narratives and traditions of all the Naga Tribes.
  • To create an audio-visual archive of the different performing Naga folk arts.

Research Activities/Thrust Areas:

  • Research and findings
  • Research and documentation of Naga triballanguages (preparation of dictionaries, grammars, ethnolinguistic studies)
  • Oral literatures
  • Naga folk life
  • Folklore
  • Preparation of Naga language database


  1. E-mail: ntls[at]nagalanduniversity.ac.in
  2. Phone: 7005305717