Department of Teacher Education

Department of Teacher Education of the Nagaland University (A Central University) is situated in Kohima Campus Meriema. The Department of Teacher education have to cover all emerging areas of Education such as Educational Philosophy, Educational Psychology, Educational Administration, Research Methodology , Teacher Education, Information & Communication Technology, Inclusive Education, Distance Education, Value Education, Peace Education, Yoga Education, Environmental Education, Gender Issues etc. The main aim of Department of Teacher education to prepare teacher educators who perform optimally in the colleges of Teacher Education/Schools and other related research areas. The Department of Teacher Education shall empower individuals to be torch bearers of social change by transforming society with a coordination of material and moral frame work of the groups to which individual belongs.

Objectives of the Department of Teacher Education

The department aims to provide quality teacher training and research to the stakeholders in field of Teaching Profession/ learners.

The Department of Teacher Education strives to achieve the following objectives

  • To acquaint the students with various issues, challenges and prospects in the field of Teacher education.
  • To acquaint the student-teachers with different methods of teaching to make the teaching-learning process more effective.
  • To explore emerging trends in research keeping in view the needs of the people at Local, National and Global level with special reference to Teacher Education.
  • To acquaint the students-teachers with different skills required for teaching, writing research papers, presenting papers in seminars and symposiums.
  • To link the department with other disciplines by accepting multi-disciplinary approach/research.
  • To associate with different agencies of education outside the University for the cause of quality research in the field of education

Courses offered

1. M.Ed. - One basic unit (50) as per ERC, NCTE, Bhubaneswar.
2. PhD - Will start after receiving approval from University.

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